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September – The happening month

Posted: September 15th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Experience, Happy, Malaysian mindset | No Comments »

I went to Mahathir and Marina’s Open house at the Mines last week on 4 September. Many people attended too, and I really love seeing people from all walks of life and all ethnicity groups come under one roof to eat and have a chit-chat session.

One thing that I really don’t like is the Malaysian mindset, still. For those who attended, you will easily observe that rubbish is everywhere. We like to take things for granted. We were given free food, and the used plates were dumped everywhere on the floor. Something is not right here again. Now that Malaysians don’t even respect our former Prime Minister’s home, will they respect any random roads all around Malaysia?

We then had dinner together at the Little Korea BBQ at Sunway Mentari. The food portion was huge, and I was satisfied, giving the fact that I seldom eat Korean food. Chris and I went to meet Firdaus the following Tuesday at KL Central Hilton. He gave a very good ‘lecture’ to Chris (LOL! I’m just kidding) and some advice to me. I wrote a post about that meeting Here.

Later on Friday, I went to the OUMC (Oxford University Malaysian Council) at the Ritz-Carlton. It was great having Dato Omar (another Oxford Graduate who started up Ethos Consulting in Malaysia) be the speaker there. I posted one line of his speech to my twitter feed – “I hope that you start with fear, but continue with hope for your journey” #datoomar. Later that day, Helmi, Theen Yew, and Irfan sent me back to Sunway (they are actually staying in Cheras). Thanks for that, bro!

I went to Animangaki that weekend and saw a lot of cosplay, including Yu-Gi from Yu-Gi-Oh, Kamen Raider, and Pikachu. (I hadn’t followed anime for a while so I don’t really know the other characters’ names).