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Shell Management Skill Game – Engagement between UTP Students and Shell officers

Posted: February 18th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Experience, Happy | 6 Comments »

It’s our final year, and many of our friends are starting to hunt for jobs. I looked for opportunities around me. Shell came into UTP today to have a Management Skill Game with UTP students. I never regretted attending it. I learned more then than during the graduate application process in Shell. The intrinsic part and hidden message throughout the games are the main key takeaways that I want to share with all the friends here.

Shell Management Skills Game

Shell Management Skills Game

With my team members. Another girl went missing. lol

We played four games to gather the reward points to purchase the materials for the Grand Prix Game at the end of the day. There are four games we played for that purpose. Every game took 15 minutes.

Game 1: Finding out who are driving the Ferraris and the one who drinks water.

What happens on the spot? Everyone reads and goes through the statements. Everyone tries to grasp what is happening and who is doing what, driving what car, and staying in which house. At the second half of the game, we decided to draw a matrix out to fill in the blanks. But we were too late in doing this. We got both questions wrong.

Key takeaways and reflection: I think we should know what the actual problem is before moving to the statements. Focus on the problem that we want to solve instead of going through the statements without direction. Human resources can be distributed to two groups too to solve each of the problems. In that way, we can check within the groups to confirm that the answers are correct. Analytical skill and logical thinking are one of the most important skills here. At the same time, the ability to deliver within a constrained timeframe given a load of information should also be properly managed.

Game 2: Puzzle and naming the island.

What happens on the spot: Everyone figures out which puzzle connects with which puzzle. Then we did trial and error here and there to complete the map. (It was an Australian map). Nobody answered correctly what the island beside Australia is. The island is actually Iceland (which they purposely moved there to confuse you).

Key takeaways and reflection: The puzzles scattered around the table are like the information scattered around us, i.e., the internet, libraries, the human experience, social media, and so on. All these are meaningless when they are fragmented. Our values come in when we gather all the information and put it in one place. Integration is where our value is. Also for the island naming, I believe that we should have a global view and wider horizon of what is actually happening around us. Not just what happens in our own campus, not just what happens around our friends, but also the current issues that are important in our world now. What are the latest updates in the energy and oil and gas industry? What are the issues that are pressing and affecting our world?

Game 3: Counting 1 – 10 in other languages.

What happens on the spot: We thought of some really interesting ways to remember 1 – 10 in Croatian. It was a really fun activity, I would say. If you were my teammates, you know how much fun we had!

Key takeaways and reflection: Working in real life later needs a lot of team work, especially when you are working in a company with diverse backgrounds.

Game 4: Arranging words to form a sentence (customer focus).

What happens on the spot: Trial and error, focused on grammatical errors.

Key takeaways and reflections: Instead of focusing on grammatical errors or trying here and there, we should take a step back and look at what “customer focus” really means. You can’t expect the merchants to exceed the expectations before meeting the predictable results! The sequence and logical thinking should be applied; it is not just bumping any random words. At the end of the day, we were wrong only in 1 word.

That’s all from my review. If you have better reflections, please comment below. Thanks, and I look forward to applying what I have learnt today to real life.

p/s: Thanks to all the Shell-UTP campus ambassadors who came today!