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End of Summer Review – Incredible August in Malaysia.

Posted: September 4th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Announcement, CEO, Happy | 1 Comment »

August has been pretty incredible. I have met with people like Hannah Tan, Ganesh Kumar (Group CEO of Friendster), David Lai, IDEAS, Otak2 people, MISC people,  Michelle Iking of CitiBank, JJ & Ean of @ Astro AMP, Adibah Noor, Jeremy Teo, Prem (Malaysiakini CEO), and Jahabar (Malaysian Insider CEO).

Along with this is the passing of the century mark of SEC, one of the EYE Projects headed by Chris and Reza. Not to forget Nash, for sure! You can find the original message from the co-founder here in Facebook Notes. I’m now submerging myself in Investment Questions given by Chris, and three books bought from the KLCC book fest (Unfair Advantage, Common Wealth, and the Consulting Bible). I will write the reviews of these four books pretty soon (in addition to what I have done and experienced in my life)!

Welcome to CHON magazine!

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