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Review on Interview with Joyce Tagal – Co-Founder of Otak2

Posted: January 19th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Review | No Comments »

I came across this interview with Joyce Tagal on UKEC CEKU. These are three things that I found it meaningful from the interview. (Reference:

The idea of Tin Kosong was about empowering other people to have a platform to talk about themselves. Two other friends and I recognised this need and realised that we could fulfil it; we decided we weren’t going to just sit around and think about it but actually do something about it.

~Joyce on her initiative on Tin Kosong.

In almost every industry you need to understand basic economics, basic statistics, you need to know how to use Excel, how to work with people, and manage projects. Companies look at hiring people who can adapt to different situations. So it doesn’t matter the subject your degree is in, but it does matter how you learn in university, the kind of people you engage with, and how curious, passionate and enthusiastic you are.

~Joyce on what students need to learn during their undergraduate studies.

Instead of measuring our achievements on paper or by the amount of certificates we possess or the number of hours put in, I strongly suggest young people to measure your achievements on a social impact scale – how many people have you affected, how many lives you touched, and how many individuals you have inspired.

~Joyce on meaning of achivement.

Thought these are all meaningful especially if you are still a student.